Key for Schools Result, Student s Book, Quintana J., 2013

Key for Schools Result, Student's Book, Quintana J., 2013.

  Cambridge English: Key (KET) for Schools corresponds со Level One in che Cambridge ESOL five-level system. It also corresponds со CEFR level two (A2).
There are three papers in the examination: Reading and Writing, Listening and Speaking. There is no minimum pass mark for individual papers. The Reading and Writing Paper carries 50% of the total marks, and Listening and Speaking each carry 25% of the total marks. Candidates need to score 70 to achieve a passing grade.
The format and level of the exam is identical to Cambridge English: Key (KET).

Key for Schools Result, Student's Book, Quintana J., 2013

What makes a best friend?
This is what some of our readers said ...
My name's Katie and I'm from New York. My best friend is in my class, so I see her every day.

It's not a problem because we never argue! I like her because she's interesting AND she always listens to me. I always tell her my secrets and other personal information and I KNOW she doesn't tell other people.

I'm Sarah and I'm from London. My best friend lives on the other side of town, so we don't meet often. She isn't perfect because she doesn’t always listen to me. She can also be a bit boring because she doesn't like going out. I usually go to her house on Saturdays and sometimes stay until Sunday. She's funny though and we have a lot in common. For a start, we like the same singers and bands.

Family and friends.
How do you get to school?.
What would you like?.
Somewhere to live.
My favourite animal.
Free time.
In the countryside.
What do you want to be?.
Going away.
Let’s go out!.
Different languages.
How do you feel?
The modem world.
What are you reading?.

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