English Vocabulary in Use, Advanced, McCarthy M., O’Dell F., 2017

English Vocabulary in Use, Advanced, McCarthy M., O’Dell F., 2017.
  This book has been written to help you expand your vocabulary at the advanced level. You already know thousands of English words, but to express yourself fully and in a sophisticated way at the advanced level, you will ideally need between 6,000 and 8,000 words, so increasing your vocabulary is very important for your general progress in English, as well as for any academic, professional or vocational needs you may have where English plays an important role. At the advanced level, as well as learning new words, you will need to learn more about the subtle connotations of words, aspects of register and style and how words combine into collocations, compounds and fixed phrases. In this book, there are over 3,000 new words and expressions for you to learn. You will find them on the left-hand page of each unit. Every new word or phrase is used in a sentence, or in a conversation, or is in a table, or has a picture with it, or has some explanation of what it means. On the right-hand page there are exercises and other activities to help you practise using the words and to help you to remember them. Where our research shows that learners frequently make errors, we give you advice on how to avoid the most common ones, as well as other useful language tips. The book has been written so that you can use it yourself, without a teacher. You can do the units in any order you like, but we have grouped them into themes, so you might wish to work through several units on a particular area of vocabulary before moving to a new one.

English Vocabulary in Use, Advanced, McCarthy M., O’Dell F., 2017

Correct the wrong usage of words to do with written work in these sentences.
1 His PhD assignment was 90,000 words long and was on the history of US place names.
2 Little Martha did her first dissertation in school today. It was called ‘My family’.
3 We have to hand in an essay at the end of the course. It can consist of up to five different pieces of work.
4 The teacher gave us the title of this week’s project today. We have to write 1,000 words on the topic of ‘If I ruled the world’ and hand it in next Monday.
5 At the end of this course, you have to do a 5,000-word thesis which will be assessed, and the grade will contribute to your final degree.
6 I think I’ll do a study of people’s personal banking habits for my MSc composition. It has to be about 12,000 words.
7 I’ve chosen to do the portfolio instead of the two exams, because I like to do one single piece of work where I can research something that interests me personally.

Answer these questions.
1 What do we call the first attempt at writing something, e.g. an essay?
2 What word means ‘the date by which you must do something’?
3 What word means ‘using someone else’s ideas as if they were yours’?
4 What are more formal words for ‘to hand in’ and for ‘to mark’?
5 What phrasal verb do we use when someone doesn’t complete their course?
6 What is another word for an academic article? Where can you read them?
7 What is the name of the system for getting books from other libraries?
8 What word means ‘the comments you get back from the teacher about your work’?
9 What word can you use for a person who is extraordinarily intelligent?
10 What is a more formal way of saying ‘do research’?

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