Грозовой перевал, Бронте Э., 2014

К сожалению, возможность скачать бесплатно полный вариант книги заблокирована.

Грозовой перевал, Бронте Э., 2014.

На вересковых пустошах Йоркшира, открытых всем ветрам, стоит старый фермерский дом, Грозовой Перевал, который скрывает мрачные тайны. Какие же страшные события произошли в нем? Почему таинственный Хитклиф, владелец фермы, ведет столь уединенный образ жизни? И что за неземная девушка бродит ночью по равнинам?
Несложный язык и захватывающий сюжет романа делают чтение приятным занятием. Книга также содержит комментарии и словарь, облегчающие чтение.
Предназначается для продолжающих изучать английский язык (уровень 4 — Upper-Intermediate).

Грозовой перевал, Бронте Э., 2014

A face at the window.

[l], with the snow swirling outside the window and the wind moaning in the trees. As I listen to the wind, the sound begins to change and I hear that ghostly voice once more. Again and again, I hear it crying, «Let me in, Let me in!» But when I run to the window, there is no one there, and the only sound I can hear is the wind wutherina over the moors.
Ever since my stay in Yorkshire, I have been troubled by bad dreams. In these dreams, I'm always in the same place... the small, bare bedroom at Wuthering Heights
Wuthering Heights — that it is the name of the house where my story begins. Yve often wished that I had never set foot inside its door...
I have just returned from Wuthering Heights — the loneliest house you could ever imagine. The ancient stone farmhouse stands high up on the moors, blank-faced and grim, with  a
hedge of stunted trees bent almost double by the wind. Wuthering Heights is the home of Mr. Heathcliff, who also owns Thrushcross Grange[2], the house where I am staying. So, once I had settled into my rooms at the Grange, I thought it would be polite to visit my landlord, up at the Heights.
It was a hard ride across the moors, and as I approached Wuthering Heights, I was pleased to see a man who I thought must be Heathcliff, leaning on his garden gate, and gazing out over the moors. He was tall and wild-looking, with a mane of thick, dark hair, and as I came nearer, he seemed to shrink away from me, scowling up from under heavy, black eyebrows.
«Mr. Heathcliff?» I asked politely.
The man nodded.
«Let my introduce myself, sir,» I continued. «I am Mr. Lockwood, your new tenant, and I hope I won't be troubling you too much if...»
«I don't allow anyone to trouble me,» he interrupted rudely. Then, after a pause, he added gruffly, «Walk in!»
Heathcliff showed me into a large sitting room. The room was dark and plainly furnished, with an enormous fireplace and some vicious-looking pistols hanging on the wall. In one corner, a huge hound was curled up in a basket, surrounded by a mass of squealing puppies, and I could just make out some other large dogs hiding in the shadows.
I sat down by the fireside and tried to stroke one of the wolfish-looking beasts,
«You'd better leave her alone,» growled Heathcliff, «she's not used to being spoiled.»
Then he strode off in search of a servant, leaving me alone in the room.

1. Wuthering Heights — «Грозовой Перевал», название поместья (дословно: «Завывающие возвышенности»). Название олицетворяет собой нечто буйное, неукротимое (в отличие от умиротворенной Thrushcross Grange — «Мызы Скворцов», где жизнь протекает спокойно и размеренно)
2. Thrushcross Grange — «Мыза Скворцов» (в противоположность Wuthering Heights, это место, где жизнь протекает спокойно и умиротворенно)

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