English Grammar in Use, 4 edition, Murphy R., 2012

English Grammar in Use, 4 edition, Murphy R., 2012.
  This is the fourth edition of English Grammar in Use. I wrote the original edition when I was a teacher at the Swan School of English, Oxford. I would like to repeat my thanks to my colleagues and students at the school for their help, encouragement and interest at that time.
Regarding the production of this fourth edition, I am grateful to Noirin Burke, Annabel Marriott, Matthew Duffy, Liz Driscoll, Jane Walsh, Jeanette Alfoldi and Kamae Design. I would like to thank Cambridge University Press for permission to access the Cambridge International Corpus.

English Grammar in Use, 4 edition, Murphy R., 2012

We use the present simple to say how often we do things:
I get up at 8 o’clock every morning.
How often do you go to the dentist?
Julie doesn't drink tea very often.
Robert usually goes away two or three times a year.

Are the underlined verbs right or wrong? Correct them where necessary.
1 Nicky is thinking of giving up her job.
2 Are you believing in God?  
3 I'm feeling hungry. Is there anything to eat?
4 This sauce is great. It's tasting really good.  
5 I'm thinking this is your key. Am I right? .........

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