English Grammar in Use, 1 edition, Murphy R., 1989

English Grammar in Use, 1 edition, Murphy R., 1989.
  Grammar in Use is a textbook for intermediate students of English who need to study and practice using the grammar of the language. It can be used as a classroom text or for self-study. It will be especially useful in cases where, in the teacher’s view, existing course materials do not provide adequate coverage of grammar.

English Grammar in Use, Murphy R., 1989

You have to use the present perfect with This is the first time..., It’s the first time..., etc. Study this example situation:
Ron is driving a car. He is very nervous and unsure because it’s his first time behind the wheel of a car. You can say:
This is the first time he has driven a car. (not drives) or: He has never driven a car before.
Here are some more examples:
Kathy has lost her passport again. It’s the second time she has lost it.
Is this the first time you’ve been in the hospital?

Use the present perfect to say that you have never done something or that you haven’t done something during a period of time that continues up to the present:
I have never smoked.
I haven’t smoked for three years, (not I don’t smoke for...)
I haven’t smoked since September, (not I don’t smoke since...)
Jill hasn’t written to me for nearly a month.
Jill has never driven a car.
For the difference between for and since see Unit 19b.

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