Basic english grammar, 4 edition, Betty Azar, 1996

Basic english grammar, 4 edition, Betty Azar, 1996.
  Basic English Grammar remains a developmental skills text for students of English as a second or foreign language. Serving as both a reference and a workbook, it introduces students to the form, meaning, and usage of basic structures in English. It provides ample opportunities for practice through extensive and varied exercises leading to communicative activities. Although it focuses on grammar, it promotes the development of all language skills.

Basic english grammar, Betty Azar, 1996

Find the VERB in each sentence. Pronounce it. Then read the sentence aloud.
7. My child often claps her hands.
8. Olga always bites her pencil in class.
9. Maria usually gets up at seven-thirty.
10. Yoko asks a lot of questions in class.
11. Ahmed always talks in class.
12. Sue coughs because she smokes.

Then switch roles, with Student В saying five things about Student A’s appearance.
2. student a: Ask Student В five questions about things s/he has and doesn’t have (for example, a car, a computer, a pet, children, a TV set, a briefcase, etc.).
student в: Answer the questions.
student a: Do you have a car? student в: No.
student a: Do you have a computer.
student в: Yes, but it’s not here. It’s in my country.

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