Нейрополитика, Timothy Leary

Нейрополитика, Timothy Leary.

  We are the first species able to consciously affect our own evolution. And, because of this, Homo sapiens will soon be extinct. After a reign of more than 300,000 years he will sacrifice himself beneath the greatest evolutionary wave ever. The prophets who predict doom from nuclear holocaust, energy starvation and biodetonation are wrong. Homo sapiens will succumb to the one threat he is powerless to resist a new species of man better suited to new worlds.

Нейрополитика, Timothy Leary

"The Twilight of Terrestrial Politics," is focused feedback.
These chapters chronicle the exploits of a modem adventurer intent on observing and analyzing the
decade which more than any other has changed our live forever. Set against the
sights, sounds and attitudes of the '60s, are fresh insights into the stories behind
the books, magazine articles, newspaper headlines and TV newsflashes of this turbulent era.

Leaiy's insider's perspective on amongst other things, Woodstock, the legal industry, Calley, the C.I.A., the sexual domestication of the four-brained biped and the curse of the oval room, combine authenticity with the seductive appeal of deja-vu.

They will horrify some and inspire others. None however, will fail to note that these essays mostly written in solitary confinement by a political prisoner are utterly devoid of hatred and self-pity. Rather, they convey an eagerness for a self-imposed evolutionary mission fired by a wide-eyed sense of optimism and purpose. Adventurers may indeed be a dying breed but who does not still dream of being one?

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