Web Service Patterns, Java Edition, Paul B. Monday, 2003

Web Service Patterns, Java Edition, Paul B. Monday, 2003.

  Paul В. Monday is a software architect who works for Sun Microsystems' network storage division. He has been testing, implementing, designing, and architecting software for many years. During graduate school at Washington State University, he created the System V File system implementation for the early Linux operating system (prior to the 1.0 kernel). After graduate school. Paul began working at IBM. His work included finding mechanisms for reusing software efficiently, with most of his efforts centered on the IBM SanFrancisco project. After IBM. Paul worked for Imation Corporation as an architect and project leader for a series of projects involving device management and network appliances. While there. Paul led an effort to build a network appliance based entirely on open-source software. Since Imation Corporation. Paul has worked on a variety of architecture projects related to enterprise software. Paul is also the coauthor of two books. SanFrancisco Component Framework: An Introduction (Addison-Wesley. 1999) and The Jiro Technology Programmer's Guide and Federated Management Architecture (Addison-Wesley. 2001).

Web Service Patterns, Java Edition, Paul B. Monday, 2003

Enabling the Integrated Value Chain.
The FedEx package tracking application shows the progress of one business process, shipping, in a chain of many different processes that have to occur in the larger business process known as order to fulfillment. The order-to-fulfillment business process starts when a customer places an order with a company and ends when the customer receives the order. Although the separate package tracking application is nice, your customer must deal with two applications for keeping track of a single business process: the package tracking application and your own order processing application.

The ideal situation for a customer is that they can view the entire order-to-fulfillment process from a single location—your Web site. Immediately after placing an order, customers can see the order being located, packaged, and shipped and receive an estimate for the arrival time to their doorstep. It is important to bring the shipping company and its information seamlessly into your own business process. To do this, you need to have your applications tightly coupled with the shipping company's applications. After the product is shipped, you actually want to reflect the shipping company's status rather than your own.

Either the shipping company or the manufacturing company is in a computing platform predicament. How does the shipping company expose their application in a way that all of their customers can easily access it? Should they use the Java platform? With this tactic, a company gains portability as well as a mindshare of more than 50 percent of the computing industry today. Unfortunately, some of the biggest companies do not yet use the Java platform. Further, disruptive technologies are always on the horizon, such as C#. that could make the decision to expose an application with the Java platform unwise.

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