The SQL Server 2000 Book, Anthony Sequeira, Brian Aiderman, 2003

The SQL Server 2000 Book, Anthony Sequeira, Brian Aiderman, 2003.

  This book is ideal for the system or database administrator, IT manager, and IT professional working with SQL Server. It covers four main topic areas: technologies and architecture, planning and installing, administering and optimizing, and using SQL Server 2000. Some of the critical topics featured in the book include backing up and restoring databases, optimizing SQL Server, using replication, configuring XML and Internet support, and automating administrative tasks. The book features extensive diagrams, decision trees, and visual tools. The included CDROM features printable planning checklists and worksheets, plus third-party tools and utilities.

The SQL Server 2000 Book, 2003

To be most effective in managing SQL Server 2000. you should master the Transact- SQL(T-SQL) language. Most people believe Transact-SQL is simply a language for manipulating the data in SQL databases, but in reality, it is much more powerful than that. Transact-SQL also provides commands that manage and maintain the server. While graphical user interfaces abound for these purposes, it is often much more efficient for administrators to use Transact-SQL. In fact, some server and database configurations can still only be made using T-SQL. Interestingly enough, it is Transact-SQL that actually makes all configuration changes in SQL Server 2000. When you use any of the graphical tools to manage server instances or databases. Transact-SQL statements are being formed for you and sent to the server.

In addition to teaching you the most important aspects of the Transact-SQL language, this chapter also serves as a reference for you as you move throughout this book. You should find yourself returning to this chapter frequently as you configure SQL Server 2000 in other chapters. Using the T-SQL scripting techniques shown here can literally save you countless hours in server administration time. You can also use this chapter to help decipher scripts that you may "inherit" from other SQL Server 2000 administrators or designers.

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