McGraw-Hill s. Super-Mini Phrasal Verb Dictionary, Richard Spears, 2007

Название: McGraw-Hill's. Super-Mini Phrasal Verb Dictionary.

Автор: Richard Spears.

   Phrasal verbs, also called two-word verbs, are idiomatic expressions wherein the second element of the verb (the adverb or particle) is not necessarily predictable. For instance, why the word up in call up a friend? Why not say call on a friend or call in a friend? Actually, those are three separate, unpredictable combinations, and they each mean something completely different. For example, you can call up a friend on the telephone, call on a friend to visit a friend’s home, and call in a friend to come help you with something.
This dictionary is a compilation of 1,800 phrasal verbs consisting of either a transitive or intransitive verb and its particle or adverb. In many cases, additional prepositional phrases are shown as part of the entry, but the dictionary focuses on phrasal or two-word verbs. This second edition of the basic phrasal verb collection is based on McGraw-Hill’s Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. The format of the dictionary is designed to provide the information needed by learners who are attempting to read and write conventional American English.

McGraw-Hill's. Super-Mini Phrasal Verb Dictionary. Richard Spears. 2007

In this dictionary, phrasal verbs (or two-word verbs) and their related prepositional verbs are alphabetized on the verb. The variable terms (such as someone or something) are also alphabetized.
Adverbs in most transitive phrasal verbs can swap places with the direct object of the verb. This cannot be done if the object of the verb is a pronoun. Although the result may, in some instances, look like a prepositional phrase, it is not. In the following example containing "down the door," the word "down" is an adverb that stands between the verb and its direct object.
She broke down the door with an axe. She broke the door down with an axe.
Please hammer the nail in. Please hammer in the nail.
But you cannot say:
She broke down it. Please hammer in it.

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