Справочник по грамматике английского языка для абитуриентов, Ермашкевич Н.Н., Гейсик Д.С., 2011

Справочник по грамматике английского языка для абитуриентов, Ермашкевич Н.Н., Гейсик Д.С., 2011.

  Пособие представляет собой достаточно полное и систематическое описание основных грамматических тем программы средней школы и может быть использовано абитуриентами и старшеклассниками для подготовки к централизованному тестированию. Материалы пособия апробированы в ходе учебного процесса на факультете доуниверситетского образования БГУ.

Справочник по грамматике английского языка для абитуриентов, Ермашкевич Н.Н., Гейсик Д.С., 2011

The Past Indefinite (Simple) Tense is used to express.
1. A single past action or a past state. The time of the action is often indicated.
e.g. Things came to a crisis in July.
2. An action which occupied a whole period of time now over. In such cases emphasis is placed on the reference of the fact to the past, not on the duration of the activity. The period of the time is usually indicated in the sentence by means of adverbial phrases with the prepositions for or during and synonymous expressions.
e.g. My mother worked for this bank  for 20 years. But now she is a pensioner.
When I was a boy I had an English nanny. And I went to school in England for two vears. besides.
When I was in the Paris Metro last year, I listened to a group of African drummers for hours.
3. A succession of past actions in narration.
e.g. I found some matches, climbed on the table, lit the gas lamp, then settled down to read.
4. Recurrent actions (generally supported by the use of adverbial modifiers of frequency such as often, never, now and again, sometimes, for days, etc.):
e.g. But sometimes he found his work difficult.
5. Permanent actions, states and habits.
e.g. I knew they loved each other, but they always quarrelled. He lived in Rome for 10 years (but not now).

The Verb
The Active Voice
The Sequence of Tenses
Direct and Indirect Speech
The Passive Voice
Modal Verbs
The Subjunctive Mood. Conditional sentences  
The Noun
The Number of Nouns
The Gender of Nouns
The Case of Nouns
Subject-Predicate Agreement
“It” or “there”
The Article
The Definite Article (the)
The Indefinite Article (a, an)
The Zero Article
The Pronoun
Classification of Pronouns
The Adjective
Classification of Adjectives
Characteristics of Adjectives
The Adverb
Degrees of Comparison
Adjectives and Adverbs with Different Meaning
The Verbals
The Gerund
The Infinitive
The Participle
The Numeral
Appendix 1. “Prepositions”
Appendix 2. “Verbs, Adjectives, Nouns with Prepositions”
Appendix 3. “The Main Forms of Irregular Verbs”
Appendix 4. “Expressions with “DO”
Appendix 5. “Expressions with “MAKE”
Appendix 6. “Synonymous and Similar Verbs”.

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