Roadmap, B2, Students Book, Bygrave J., 2020

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Roadmap, B2, Students Book, Bygrave J., 2020.

Фрагмент из книги:
For the last couple of years, Corinna Wells and Victor Galan have been travelling the world in style - and getting paid to do so! They are social media ‘influencers’ and their blog and social media feeds are packed with photos of top holiday resorts and stunning scenery. But is it all as glamorous as it seems? We spoke to Corinna and Victor to find out.

Roadmap, B2, Students Book, Bygrave J., 2020

Comparatives and superlatives.
Form comparative adjectives by adding -er to one-syllable adjectives and more/less to adjectives of three or more syllables: older, weaker, more/less interesting.

Most adjectives with two syllables take тоге/less, but you can also use -er with two-syllable adjectives ending in -y or -ow, and with some others, e.g. quiet, pleasant, clever: wealthier/more wealthy, narrower/more narrow, pleasanter/more pleasant.

Introduce the thing/person being compared with than:
Suraya's brother was quieter than Suraya/her.

To make the comparison stronger, use adverbs/phrases such as a bit, slightly (for a small difference) and much, a lot, far (for a bigger difference) + more/-er:
She was a bit livelier, but certainly much more talkative than him.

1А Talking to strangers.
1B Life lessons.
1C Personalities.
1D English in action.
2A What's the truth?.
2B Running wild?.
2C It's so annoying!.
ЗА I remember.
ЗВ Great rivals.
3C Life's too short.
3D English in action.
4A Possessions.
4B Job skills.
4C Unwritten rules.
5А Splashing out.
5B Crime scene.
5C Bubble trouble.
5D English in action.
6А Love it or loathe it?.
6B We can work it out.
6C Tricky conversations.
7A Possible futures.
7B Business plans.
7C Cultural awareness.
7D English in action.
8A It's so predictable.
8B On the run.
8C Great art?.
9A Mysteries.
98 Strange theories.
9C Celebrity.
9D English in action.
UNIT 10.
10А Will I be happy?.
10B Believe it or not!.
10C New solutions.

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