Roadmap, B2+, Students Book, Dellar H., Walkley A., 2020

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Roadmap, B2+, Students Book, Dellar H., Walkley A., 2020.

Фрагмент из книги:
When I started my degree, it was the first time I'd lived away from home and it was quite a big thing for me as I am registered blind. Fortunately, new students got a lot of support from the university. Firstly, there was a mentoring scheme so I had a couple of older students who took me under their wing - showed me around the campus, introduced me to different people and generally put me at ease. One of my mentors became a good friend and she gave me a lot of moral support when I was feeling down. She would tell me she'd had similar feelings, and always found the words to reassure me. Apart from this, I also received a grant to pay for some of my additional needs like help with writing up my essays and buying books.

Roadmap, B2+, Students Book, Dellar H., Walkley A., 2020

Adverbs and adverbial phrases.
We use single-word adverbs and longer adverbial phrases to add information about actions or situations. Different kinds of adverbs most commonly appear in particular positions. Adverbs and adverbial phrases that explain when usually come at the beginning or end of a clause.

Over the last few years, many businesses have closed. They've been having money problems recently Adverbs and adverbial phrases that explain where usually come at the end of a clause.

We export all over the region.
Note that in sentences that have both 'when' and ‘where’ adverbials, the 'where' adverb usually comes first.

The firm was founded in Munich in Germany in 1888. Adverbs that describe how often usually go before the main verb.

1A Give it a go.
1B Kind acts.
1C How annoying!.
1D English in action.
2A On the mend.
2B A good cause.
2C Regeneration.
ЗА It'll brighten up.
ЗВ Law and order.
3C Fair play.
3D English in action.
4A Time of your life.
4B Fashion icon.
4C Being me.
5А On the move.
5B In the wild.
5C House or home?.
5D English in action.
6А A difficult business.
6B On the map.
6C Going out.
7A Ups and downs.
7B Is it news?.
7C A show of hands.
7D English in action.
8А Jobs for life?.
8B Sleep well.
8C Food for thought.
9A Feelings.
9B Habits.
9C All the rage.
9D English in action.
UNIT 10.
10А Eureka!.
10B A great read.
10C A good laugh.

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