Business English Verbs, Evans D., 2000

Business English Verbs, Evans D., 2000.

Contains over 300 of the most important verbs used in business to help you with the following: arranging meetings; marketing and promotion; buying and selling; entertaining business contacts, and much more.

Business English Verbs, Evans D., 2000

By post.
Who needs e-mail? If I want to send a message to someone, I write a letter, put a stamp on it and mail it. It’s simple and cheap. If I’ve got a package, I wrap it and ask the post office to deliver it for me. You can’t do that with e-mail, can you? And if it’s urgent I get a motorbike rider to courier it for me. Then I know for sure it will be received safely. So I’ll stay with snail mail, thank you very much.

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