German, Student dictionary, 2008

German, Student dictionary, 2008.

   This German-English bilingual dictionary is especially designed to help the English-speaking student learn basic German, and may also be used to help the German-speaking student learn basic English. Approximately 3,500 main vocabulary entries have been compiled in this useful reference. The dictionary also contains hundreds of subentries to highlight idiomatic expressions and shades of meaning.

German, Student dictionary, 2008

abschließen v. • to lock Schließen Sie Ihr Haus ab, wenn Sie es verlassen? Do you lock your house when you leave ?
abschreiben u. • to copy Wir schreiben die Fragen von der Tafel ab. We are copying the questions that are on the blackboard.
absetzen v. • to take off Ich habe meinen Hut abgesetzt. I took off my hat
abwesend adj. • absent Die Hälfte der Klasse ist heute abwesend. Half the class is absent today.

How to Use This Dictionary.
The Entries.
Pronunciation Guide: German-English.
Pronunciation Guide: English-German.
Stressed Syllables.
Basics of German Grammar.
For More Practice.
German to English/Deutsch zu Englisch.
Illustrations/die Abbildungen.
Englisch zu Deutsch/English to German.
Appendices/die Anhange.
German Names.
Family Members.
The Body.
At the Zoo.
Months of the Year.
Days of the Week.
Weights and Measures.
Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid.
German Spelling Reform.

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