Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2010, Diane Zak, 2012

Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2010, Diane Zak, 2012.

   Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2010, Fifth Edition uses Visual Basic 2010, an object-oriented language, to teach programming concepts. Th is book is designed for a beginning programming course. However, it assumes students are familiar with basic Windows skills and fi le management.

Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2010, Diane Zak, 2012

Creating an Object-Oriented Application.
As Figure 2-3 indicates, the process a programmer follows when creating an object-oriented (OO) application is similar to the process a builder follows when building a home. Like a builder, a programmer fi rst meets with the client to discuss the client’s wants and needs. Both then create a plan for the project. After the client approves the plan, the builder builds the home’s frame, whereas the programmer builds the user interface, which is the application’s frame. Once the frame is built, the builder completes the home by adding the electrical wiring, walls, and so on. Th e programmer, on the other hand, completes the application by adding the necessary code to the user interface. When the home is complete, the builder makes a fi nal inspection and corrects any problems before the customer moves in. Similarly, the programmer tests the completed application and fi xes any problems, called bugs, before releasing the application to the user. Th e fi nal step in both processes is to assemble the project’s documentation (paperwork), which then is given to the customer/user.

Read This Before You Begin.
OVERVIEW An Introduction to Programming.
CHAPTER 1 An Introduction to Visual Basic 2010.
CHAPTER 2 Designing Applications.
CHAPTER 3 Using Variables and Constants.
CHAPTER 4 The Selection Structure.
CHAPTER 5 More on the Selection Structure.
CHAPTER 6 The Repetition Structure.
CHAPTER 7 Sub and Function Procedures.
CHAPTER 8 String Manipulation.
CHAPTER 9 Arrays.
CHAPTER 10 Structures and Sequential Access Files
CHAPTER 11 Classes and Objects.
CHAPTER 12 Web Applications.
CHAPTER 13 Working with Access Databases and LINQ
CHAPTER 14 Access Databases and SQL.
APPENDIX A Locating Syntax and Logic Errors.
APPENDIX B GUI Design Guidelines.
APPENDIX C Visual Basic Conversion Functions.
APPENDIX D Applications with Multiple Forms.

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