Brief History of British and American Literature, Алехина М.С., 2002

Brief History of British and American Literature, Алехина М.С., 2002.

  Цель пособия - формирование представлений об основных явлениях и логике развития литературного процесса в Великобритании и США. Даны образцы анализа художественных произведений, сведения об эпохе и эстетических принципах развития литературы на разных этапах.
Предназначено язя студентов отделения лингвистики, обучающихся по направлению 620100 “Лингвистика и межкультурная коммуникация", а также изучающих курс “История литературы Великобритании и США".

Brief History of British and American Literature, Алехина М.С., 2002

English Renaissance.
The end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the modern world were much influenced by Greek and Roman models. This period is known as Renaissance - the great flowering of art, architecture and literature, which followed the dark period of the Middle Ages obscurantism. It began in Italy in the late XIV century, spread to the rest of Europe in the XV century and culminated in the High Renaissance in the early XVI century. Its emphasis was humanist, whether independent or in association with the divine.

In English literature Renaissance manifested itself mainly in drama. The medieval dramatic scene was represented by dancers, mimes and jugglers, traveling entertainers. By the time the early Morality plays appeared in the XV century, the first small “companies” of players appeared, either traveling or attached to prominent families. Women's parts were usually played by boys. These companies needed plays written for them. The Moralities - dramatized allegories wherein the characters are personifications - had a considerable inlluencc on the development of Elizabethan drama and conveyed moral and spiritual instruction through dialogues between actors, who represented abstract qualities rather than characters - Pride, Honour, etc. The best known play is Everyman - the main character of it, Everyman, travels towards Death, and in the end is left with nothing but Good Deeds to plead for him.

Part I.
Chapter I. Beowulf and Old English Literature. The Age of Chaucer.
Chapter II. English Renaissance.
Chapter III. Elizabethan Epoch. The Age of Reason.
Chapter IV. The Victorians.
Chapter V. English Literary Fairy Talc.
Chapter VI. The Birth of the Modern Novel.
Chapter VII. British Literature Between Two World Wars.
Chapter VIII. British Literature after World War II.
Chapter IX. British Women Writers.
Chapter IX. Recent British Literature.
Part II.
Chapter I. The Beginning.
Chapter II. Romanticism in American Literature.
Chapter III. American Humour.
Chapter IV. Critical Realism and Naturalism.
Chapter V. American Literature of the 1920-1930-s.
Chapter VI. American Literature of the 1950-1970-s.
Chapter VII. The American Theatre.
Цели выполнения курсовой работы.
Структура и содержание курсовой работы.
Основные папы выполнения курсовой работы.
Оформление курсовой работы.
Приложение 1. Образец титульного листа.
Приложение 2. Некоторые особенности пунктуации библиографии.
Приложение 3. Примерные темы курсовых работ.
Приложение 4. Список дополнительной литературы.
Приложение 5. Список обязательной литературы.

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