A Practical English Grammar, Thomson A.J., Martinent A.V.

A Practical English Grammar, Thomson A.J., Martinent A.V.

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The verbs in roman type are verbs which are not very common in modern English but may be found in literate. When a verb has two possible forms and one is less usual than the other, the less usual one will be printed in roman.

A Practical English Grammar, Thomson A.J., Martinent A.V.

fairly and rather.
A Both can mean 'moderately', but fairly is chiefly used with 'favourable adjectives and adverbs (bravely, good, nice, well etc.), while rather is chiefly used in this sense before 'unfavourable' adjectives and adverbs (bad, stupidly, ugly etc.):
Tom is fairly clever, but Peter is rather stupid.
I walk fairly fast but Ann walks rather slowly.

Both can be used similarly with participles:
He was fairly relaxed; she was rather tense, a fairly interesting film    a rather boring book.

The indefinite article, if required, precedes fairly but can come before or after rather:
a fairly light box a rather heavy box/rather a heavy box.

With adjectives/adverbs such as fast, slow, thin, thick, hot, cold etc., which are not in themselves either 'favourable' or 'unfavourable', the speaker can express approval by using fairly and disapproval by using rather: This soup is fairly hot implies that the speaker likes hot soup, while This soup is rather hot implies that it is a little too hot for him.

1 Articles and one, a little/a few, this, that.
2 Nouns.
3 Adjectives.
4 Adverbs.
5 all, each, every, both, neither, either, some, any, no, none.
6 Interrogatives: wh? words and how?.
7 Possessives, personal and reflexive pronouns: my, mine, I, myself etc.
8 Relative pronouns and clauses.
9 Prepositions.
10 Introduction to verbs.
11 be, have, do.
12 may and can for permission and possibility.
13 can and be able for ability.
14 ought, should, must, have to, need for obligation.
15 must, have, will and should for deduction and assumption.
16 The auxiliaries dare and used.
17 The present tenses.
18 The past and perfect tenses.
19 The future.
20 The sequence of tenses.
21 The conditional.
22 Other uses of will/would, shall/should.
23 The infinitive.
24 The gerund.
25 Infinitive and gerund constructions.
26 The participles.
27 Commands, requests, invitations, advice, suggestions.
28 The subjunctive.
29 care, like, love, hate, prefer, wish.
30 The passive voice.
31 Indirect speech.
32 Conjunctions.
33 Purpose.
34 Clauses of reason, result, concession, comparison, time.
35 Noun clauses.
36 Numerals, dates, and weights and measures.
37 Spelling rules.
38 Phrasal verbs.
39 List of irregular verbs.

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