French for dummies, Schmidt D-K., Williams M.M., 2011

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French for dummies, schmidt D-K., Williams M.M., 2011.

  French For Dummies, 2nd Edition, isn’t like a class that you have to drag yourself to twice a week for a specified period of time. You can use this book however you want to, whether your goal is to learn some words and phrases to help you get around when you visit France or a francophone country, or you just want to be able to say “Hello, how are you?” to your French-speaking neighbor. Go through this book at your own pace, reading as much or as little at a time as you like. You don’t have to trudge through the chapters in sequential order, either; just read the sections that interest you.

French for dummies, Schmidt D-K., Williams M.M., 2011

The French You're Familiar With.
With just a narrow stretch of water between them, the English and the French have historically been pretty close, even if they haven’t always been the friendly allies they are today. In fact, French was the language of the English court for a very long time — a fact that many people tend to forget. (The Normans who invaded England in 1066 with William the Conqueror were French, as were some of the most prominent people in English history).

What does this have to do with your learning French? Well today, about 35 percent of English vocabulary is of French origin. That being the case, you already know an impressive amount of French, whether you realize it or not. The only pitfall you have to watch out for is that sometimes the English words have a different meaning from their French counterparts, and they almost certainly have a different pronunciation.

Part I: Getting Started.
Chapter 1: The French You Already Know.
Chapter 2: Laying the Foundation: Basic French Grammar.
Chapter 3: Getting Started with Pronunciation and Basic Expressions.
Chapter 4: Getting Your Numbers, Dates, and Times Straight.
Chapter 5: Talking about Your Home, Family, and Daily Routine.
Part II: French in Action.
Chapter 6: Getting to Know You: Making Small Talk.
Chapter 7: Asking Directions and Finding Your Way.
Chapter 8: Bon Appetit! Dining Out and Going to the Market.
Chapter 9: Shopping Made Easy.
Chapter 10: Going Out on the Town.
Chapter 11: Taking Care of Business and Telecommunicating.
Chapter 12: Recreation and the Outdoors.
Part III: French on the Go.
Chapter 13: Planning a Trip.
Chapter 14: Dealing with Money in a Foreign Land.
Chapter 15: Getting Around: Planes, Trains, Taxis, and More.
Chapter 16: Finding a Place to Stay.
Chapter 17: Handling Emergencies.
Part IV: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 18: Ten Ways to Pick Up French Quickly.
Chapter 19: Ten Things Never to Say in French.
Chapter 20: Ten Favorite French Expressions.
Chapter 21: Ten Phrases That Make You Sound French.
Part V: Appendixes.
Appendix A: Mini-Dictionaries.
Appendix B: Verb Tables.
Appendix C: Answer Key.
Appendix D: On the CD.

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