English Grammar For Dummies, Geraldine Woods, 2017

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English Grammar For Dummies, Geraldine Woods, 2017.

   In English Grammar For Dummies, 3rd Edition, I address all your grammar questions about written and spoken language, including a few you didn’t know you had. I do so without loading you up with obscure terminology, defining terms only when you need them to understand what you’re supposed to do as well as why you’re supposed to do it. In this book, I also explain which rules of formal English you can ignore — sometimes or even all the time. The goal of English Grammar For Dummies, 3rd Edition, is to ensure that the language you use conveys your ideas accurately and makes a good impression on your reader or listener.

English Grammar For Dummies, Geraldine Woods, 2017

Using the Right Words at the Right Time.
In the Middle Ages, grammar meant the study of Latin, the language of choice for educated people. In fact, grammar was so closely associated with Latin that the word referred to any kind of learning. This meaning of grammar shows up when people of grandparent-age and older talk about their grammar school not their elementary school. The term grammar school is a leftover from the old days. The very old days.

These days the word grammar refers to the nuts and bolts of language, specifically, how words are put together to create meaning. Most people also apply the term to a set of rules you have to follow in order to speak and write better. However, the definition of better changes according to situation, purpose, and audience.

Part 1: Building a Firm Foundation: The Parts of the Sentence.
Chapter 1: Using the Right Words at the Right Time.
Chapter 2: Verbs: The Heart of the Sentence.
Chapter 3: Who’s Doing What? How to Find the Subject.
Chapter 4: When All Is Said and Done: Complete Sentences.
Chapter 5: Handling Complements.
Part 2: Clearing Up Confusing Grammar Points.
Chapter 6: Relax! Understanding Verb Tense.
Chapter 7: Nodding Your Head: All About Agreement.
Chapter 8: Pronouns and Their Cases.
Chapter 9: Small Words, Big Trouble: Prepositions.
Chapter 10: Two Real Really Good Parts of Speech: Adjectives and Adverbs.
Part 3: Conventional Wisdom: Punctuation and Capitalization.
Chapter 11: Punctuation Law That Should Be Repealed: Apostrophes.
Chapter 12: Quotations: More Rules Than the Internal Revenue Service.
Chapter 13: The Pause That Refreshes: Commas.
Chapter 14: Useful Little Marks: Dashes. Hyphens, and Colons.
Chapter 16: Rules of Thumb: Adapting Grammar to Electronic Media.
Part 4: Polishing Without Wax: The Finer Points of Grammar and Style.
Chapter 17: Fine-Tuning Verbs.
Chapter 18: No Santas but Plenty of Clauses.
Chapter 19: Spicing Up Sentence Patterns.
Chapter 20: Staying on Track: Parallelism.
Chapter 21: Meaning What You Say: Clarity.
Chapter 22: Grammar Devils.
Part 5: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 23: Ten Ways Two to Improve Your Proofreading.
Chapter 24: Relax Already! Grammar Rules You Can Stop Worrying About.
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