B1, preliminary for Schools, trainer, second edition, 2019

B1, preliminary for Schools, trainer, second edition, 2019.

Speaking: 12 minutes (pairs) 17 minutes (groups of three).

You will need to be able to listen and understand what the examiner is saying. You will have to answer some questions about yourself, and you will need to speak on your own about a photograph. You will then be given some pictures to look at and you will use the pictures to do a speaking task with another candidate. In the final part you and the other candidate will answer questions based on the topic in the pictures. Usually candidates take the Speaking test with just one other candidate, but sometimes they do it in groups of three. For this reason there are additional pictures for Candidate С in this book.

B1, preliminary for Schools, trainer, second edition, 2019

2 Find and correct the mistakes in these sentences.

1 I've always been interested on science and I want to study biology at university.
2 As soon as the sun went out, the moon became very bright.
3 My brother isn't very keen of doing sport, but he loves watching it!
4 My mum was born in a small town, but she grew in London.
5 Some people are really afraid to snakes.
6 I don't know if I'll go swimming. It depends of what my friends want to do.


Training and Exam Practice
Test 1
Test 2
Practice Tests
Test 3
Test 4
Test б
Teacher's Notes & Keys for Tests 1-2
Practice Test Keys for Tests 3-6
Sample Answer Sheets
Speaking Part 2 photographs
Additional photographs
Speaking Part 3 images

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