First Thousand Words in English, Heather A.

First Thousand Words in English, Heather A.

   The Usborne First Thousand Words in English provides a treasury of learning opportunities. It is an exciting picture word book for pre-readers, a valuable practice book and spelling guide for beginner readers and writers, and a highly effective vocabulary builder for English language learners.
Stephen Cartwright’s illustrations are full of lively details, giving children lots to enjoy spotting and talking about. Words and pictures have been updated to reflect changes in everyday life; but the ever-popular little yellow duck is still to be found on every double page.

First Thousand Words in English, Heather A.

About this book.
This picture word book has been designed to appeal to children at different ages, and can be used in various ways. This edition has been brought up to date to include words and objects which are common in everyday language and familiar in everyday life.

A wordbuilder for young children.
For very young children, it is a bright and stimulating way of learning new words. The large pictures provide lots of opportunities for spotting and matching with the smaller pictures around the edges, and for discussing the lively scenes.

A reading and spelling guide for older children.
For older children, the book can be used in the early stages of learning to read, and as a beginner's guide to spelling.

A vocabulary builder for English language learners.
For children learning English as a second or additional language, it is a powerful and effective way of learning to read, say and spell new words.

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