English for Law Students, University Course, Part I, Tarasova T., 2014

English for Law Students, University Course, Part I, Tarasova T., 2014.

ENGLISH LOR LAW STUDENTS is a part of the university course of legal English for academic purposes. it is addressed to law students of noncommon law countries. It is aimed at teaching students to understand the language of English law, its fundamental concepts and institutions. Its goal is to enable students to deal with different types of legal texts, to become knowledgeable in current legal issues, to use proper English legal terms with regard to their own legal systems. The final objective is to stimulate students’ interest in law and language. Although English for Law Students is designed as a part of the university course of legal English it can also be useful for students of the humanities, economics, social and political sciences, etc. in their self-study of English law and language.

English for Law Students, University Course, Part I, Tarasova T., 2014

The word source can mean several different things with regard to law, but for our purposes it primarily describes the means by which the law comes into existence. English law stems from seven main sources, though these vary a great deal in importance. The basis of English law today is case law, a mass of judge-made decisions which lays down rules to be followed in future cases. For many centuries it was the main form of law and it is still very important today. However, the most important form of law, in the sense that it prevails over most of the others, is statute, or Act of Parliament, which today is the source of most major changes in the law.

Text 1.Case Law.    
Text 2.How Do Judges Really Decide Cases?    
Text 3.Equity.    
Text 1.The Development of the UK Constitution.    
Text 2.Evolution of the British Constitution in the 17-th Century.    
Text 3.Structure of the UK Constitution.    
Text 4.Constitutionalism.    
Text 5.Separation of Powers.    
Text 6.Separation of Powers in the United Kingdom.    
Text 7.The Rule of Law.    
Text 8.Federal and Unitary Constitutions.    
Text 1.Nature of the Crown.    
Text 2.Functions of Monarchy.    
Text 3.Personal Powers of the Monarch.    
Text 4.The Royal Prerogative.    
Text 5.Dwindling Pow'er of the Crow'n.    
Text 6.A Right Royal Argument.    
Text 7.Referendum Set to Back the Queen of Australia.
Text 1.Rise of English Parliament.    
Text 2.Formation of Two Houses of Parliament.    
Text 3.Legal History of Parliament.    
Text 4.British Parliament Today.    
Text 5.Composition of Parliament.    
Text 6.Composition of the Modern House of Lords.    
Text 7.Composition of the Modern House of Commons.    
Text 8.Meeting of Parliament.    
Text 9.Types of Legislation.    
Text 10.Passage of a Public Bill Introduced by the Government into the House of Commons.    
Text 11.Parliamentary Privilege.    
Text 1.Parliamentary Government.    
Text 2.Cabinet and Prime Minister.    
Text 3.Growth of the Executive.    
Text 4.'Hollowed-out Government’.

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