Cambridge English, fun for flyers, Student’s book, Robinson A., Saxby K., 2015

Cambridge English, fun for flyers, student's book, third edition, Robinson A., Saxby K., 2015.

Fun for Flyers Third edition is the third in a series of three books written for learners aged between 7 and 13 years old.
Fun for Flyers is suitable for:
Learners who need comprehensive preparation for the Cambridge English: Flyers test, in addition to their general English course.
Mixed classes where some of the learners are preparing to take the Cambridge English: Flyers test, and who need motivating and fun English lessons О small and large groups of learners О monolingual and multilingual classes.

Fun for Flyers supports the development of good learning habits and language practice in meaningful, fun, creative and interactive ways. It is ideal for learners who have been studying English for between two and four years, and who need to consolidate their language and skills.

Cambridge English, fun for flyers, student's book, third edition, Robinson A., Saxby K., 2015

Read the sentences and write the correct words from the box.

People can carry things on their back in this.
You wear this over other clothes when you go outside.
Women often carry this. They put things like pens and keys in it.
Some school children have to wear this when they go to school.
Some girls and women wear these on their legs when it's cold.
When you want to know the time, look at this.
These are like jeans or trousers but much shorter!
When it rains, you can open this so you don't get wet.


1. Hello again.
2. Wearing and carrying.
3. Spots and stripes.
4. My friends and my pets.
5. About animals.
6. My things.
7. Moving and speaking.
8. School subjects.
9. In my classroom.
10. Clothes, animals and school.
11. Visiting different places.
12. A journey into space.
13. What horrible weather!
14. Are you hungry? Thirsty?
15. What's for dinner?
16. Let's have a picnic!
17. A day's work.
18. Time and work.
19. Answer my questions.
20. Calling and sending.
21. The time of the year.
22. Important numbers.
23. World, weather, work.
24. Leaving and arriving.
25. What shall we do next?
26. Where can we go on holiday?
27. It's the holidays! Bye!
28. I want to win!
29. Doing sport! Having fun!
30. Summer and winter sports.
31. Here and there.
32. Where?
33. At the hospital.
34. John stays in hospital.
35. What's it made of?
36. Silver, plastic, glass, gold.
37. Exciting days!
38. Famous people.
39. In villages and towns.
40. What a strange planet!
41. Meet the pirate actors.
42. Holiday news.
43. Have you ever...?
44. What has just happened?
45. Talking about the time.
46. We're all at home today.
47. I will or perhaps I won't.
48. Doing different things.
49. Busy families.
50. On TV.
51. Here's my news.
52. What a lot of questions!
53. Finding your way.
54. Let's have some fun!
55. If I feel bored.
56. Fun and games.
57. Pairwork activities.
58. Unit word list.
59. List of irregular verbs.

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