Cambridge English, Compact first, practice test 2, with answers, May P., 2012

Cambridge English, Compact first, practice test 2, with answers, May P., 2012.

Compact First is a short but intensive final preparation course for students planning to take the Cambridge English: First exam, also known as First Certificate of English (FCE). The course provides B2-level students with thorough preparation and practice of the grammar, vocabulary, language skills, topics and exam skills needed for success in all four papers of the exam: Reading and Use of English, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The course can be used by classes of any age, but it is particularly suitable for students over 17.

Cambridge English, Compact first, practice test 2, with answers, May P., 2012

The award-winning learning representative.

It is now almost 20 years since Nicola Njie was told to go and see the head teacher in the hope that he could persuade her to stay on for the final two years of her secondary education. At a school not known for its academic excellence, her exam grades stood out and her form tutor thought she had considerable academic potential. They told her that she would stand a better chance of a good, well-paid job with further qualifications, but Nicola was unmoved. She wanted to earn money straightaway and to be more independent.

Three years later, she had plenty of time to think of what might have been while she was making pairs of tights at a local factory. But now she has a job she enjoys, a passion for her role as a learning representative for the trade union Unison and an award for the learning rep of the year. In fact, there is not much that Nicola, 35, is not passionate about - her two children, her supportive family, the union and the work she does as a learning representative to encourage people back into education and training. Though the role of a union learning rep is a fairly new position, it has quickly become important as people seek to develop their capacity to do new things and boost their job prospects. The reps seek to raise awareness of the opportunities for learning inside and beyond the workplace, assess the demand for different courses and liaise with employers.

'Learning has an important role to play in improving people's lives, but many can be put off by bad experiences at school, or because they are not confident of their abilities,' she says. Looking back over her life to date, she regrets, in certain respects, leaving school at 16, but in others she is happy with the way her career is now going. 'I did actually enjoy it - I didn't have a bad experience. The job I really wanted to do was to be a crime-scene officer, so when I left school, I contacted the police and


Paper 1 Reading.
Paper 2 Writing.
Paper 3 Use of English.
Paper 4 Listening.
Paper 5 Speaking.
Answer key and recording script.
Speaking test Examiner's script.
Visual materials for Speaking test.
Sample answers sheets.

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