Cambridge Grammar for PET, with answers, Hashemi L., Thomas B., 2013

Cambridge Grammar for PET, with answers, Hashemi L., Thomas B., 2013.

This book is for students preparing for the Cambridge Preliminary English Test. It covers the grammar you need for the exam. You can use it with a general English language course for extra grammar practice or with practice tests as part of a revision programme. You can use it in class or for self-study.

Cambridge Grammar for PET, with answers, Hashemi L., Thomas B., 2013

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Introduction Irregular verbs.
1 Adjectives.
2 Adverbs.
3 Comparisons.
4 Present tenses.
5 Past tenses.
6 Present perfect and past simple.
7 Past perfect.
8 Nouns.
9 Determiners and pronouns 1.
10 Determiners and pronouns 2.
11 Determiners and pronouns 3.
12 The future.
13 Modals.
14 Modals 2.
15 Modals 3.
16 Questions and answers.
17 Prepositions 1.
18 Prepositions 2.
19 Prepositions 3.
20 The -ing form.
21 to or -ing?
22 Conditionals 1.
23 Conditionals 2.
24 The passive.
25 Reported speech 1.
26 Reported speech 2.
27 Relative clauses.
28 So/such; too/enough.
29 Linking words 1.
30 Linking words 2.

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