Objective PET, Workbook with Answers, Hashemi L., Thomas B., 2012

Objective PET, Workbook with Answers, Hashemi L., Thomas B., 2012.

   Objective PET Second edition is a lively course designed to guide students towards success at the Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET).
Its unique approach combines solid language development with systematic exam preparation and practice, while its short units cover a wide variety of motivating topics.
The second edition has been revised and updated to include a range of new features including Grammar and Corpus Spots, a Grammar Folder for reference, a CD-ROM and accompanying website.

Objective PET, Workbook with Answers, Hashemi L., Thomas B., 2012

The town offers excellent accommodation at all prices. You can stay in a simple but comfortable family home or small guesthouse, or try the international dining room and beautiful rooms at the Grand Hotel. You can book a room by phoning or emailing the owner. You can get a list from the Tourist Information Office in St Hugh’s Square, which is open between 9 and 5 on weekdays. For a small fee, the staff can make reservations while you wait.

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Unit 1.
A question of sport.
Unit 2.
I'm a friendly person.
Unit 3.
What's your job?.
Unit 4.
Let's go out.
Unit 5.
Wheels and wings.
Unit 6.
What did you do at school today?.
Unit 7.
Around town.
Unit 8.
Let's celebrate.
Unit 9.
How do you feel?.
Unit 10.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Unit 11.
Facts and figures.
Unit 12.
A good read.
Unit 13.
A place of my own.
Unit 14.
What’s in fashion?.
Unit 15.
Unit 16.
Free time.
Unit 17.
Next week’s episode.
Unit 18.
Shooting a film.
Unit 19.
Happy families.
Unit 20.
So you think you've got talent?.
Unit 21.
Keep in touch!.
Unit 22.
Strange but true?.
Unit 23.
Best friends?.
Unit 24.
I've got an idea.
Unit 25.
Shop till you drop.
Unit 26.
Persuading people.
Unit 27.
Travellers’ tales.
Unit 28.
What would you do?.
Unit 29.
What’s on the menu?.
Unit 30.
Blue for a boy, pink for a girl?.
Answer key.

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