Oxford Exam Trainer, B1, Bogaievska I., 2018

Oxford Exam Trainer, B1, Bogaievska I., 2018.

Oxford Exam Trainer and the Ukrainian Independent External Evaluation (ZNO) exam.

Oxford Exam Trainer is an intensive training course preparing students for the B1 level of the Ukrainian school-leaving examinations in English (IndependentExternal Evaluation (ZNO)). The course reflects the exam with the inclusion of listening from 2018. The Introduction to the Student's Book (pages 4-5) provide an overview of the B1 exam requirements for learners, and explains how these are addressed throughout the course. There are twelve topic-based units covering the themes anc topics required for the B1 Independent External Evaluation exam.

Oxford Exam Trainer, B1, Bogaievska I., 2018

Independent External Evaluation practice test.

At the end of Oxford Exam Trainer, you will find a complete Independent External Evaluation test, closely resembling the real examination. The test contains all four sections of the exam, and the test extent, structure and sequence - as well as the language of instructions and the layouts - are modelled on the Independent External Evaluation test. You can use this test for a complete mock exam, to review learners'exam skills at the end of the course. It may also be a good idea to use the information gathered from the results of this test to address any remaining areas of difficulty for learners, in order that they approach their exam day with all the skills and confidence they will need for exam success!

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