Oxford exam trainer, Teacher’s guide, Ukraine, Bogaievska I.

Oxford exam trainer, Teacher's guide, Ukraine, Bogaievska I.

   Oxford Exam Trainer is an intensive training course preparing students for the B1 level of the Ukrainian schoolleaving examinations in English (Independent External Evaluation (ZNO)). The course reflects the exam with the inclusion of listening from 2018.
The Introduction to the Student's Book (pages 4-5) provides an overview of the B1 exam requirements for learners, and explains how these are addressed throughout the course.
There are twelve topic-based units covering the themes and topics required for the B1 Independent External Evaluation exam.

Oxford exam trainer, Teacher's guide, Ukraine, Bogaievska I.

6 Money.
1 D The phrase more and more surgeons before the space suggests that we need a verb-predicate to fit the context. This is the only option which begins with a verb.

2 G The name Yocoub. and the comma before the space, suggests the need for a relative clause which starts with the pronoun who and gives extra information about the person introduced in the main clause.

3 E We use the relative pronoun where to refer to a place (Britain). The answer F also begins with where but it does not fit the context

4 В The phrase and recovered more quickly logically continues the idea mentioned before the space about the patients who lived longer. Answer C is almost possible but there is no comma before the space, which indicates that a relative clause would not be correct here.

5 H The first part of the sentence in the text tells us about some young people who were dying. The phrase before .They had even reached the age of 18 fits the space logically as it completes the idea of the sentence.

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