Objective Advanced, Practice Test 1, O Dell F., Broadhead A., 2012

Objective Advanced, Practice Test 1, O'Dell F., Broadhead A., 2012.

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In England alone there are around 45,000 different surnames and the sources from which names are derived are almost endless: nicknames, physical attributes, the names of regions and trades. Anyone wishing to trace English ancestors should look through records containing these names, but it is not necessarily a straightforward matter.

Objective Advanced, Practice Test 1, O'Dell F., Broadhead A., 2012

Naming your domain.
You've come up with the invention of all time; you're going to conquer the world and make a fortune. Your next step is to set up a domain on the internet where you can start conducting your business. Now you just need to find the perfect name for it. You go to the internet and start punching in clever names, along with their many variations, only to find that all the good ones are seemingly taken.

Given that approximately 100 million. COM names are already registered, it's not surprising that all the short snappy names are taken. Your chances of hitting on a good three-letter name or acronym are close to zero. To get one of these, your only recourse would be to haggle with whoever has already registered the name you fancy and see if you could get them to hand it over - for a certain sum, of course.

It's even worse if you're thinking of a name with just two letters. If you want one of the 676 possible two-letter sequences, for an acronym or abbreviation for instance, you're out of luck; they're all taken. So you have to get smart. Think about adding a digit. The trouble is, quite often the look of it just doesn't work. So think about a dash. It can fit in with lots of clever designs for logos and so on. One company has a domain name with punctuation written out in words - 'full stop'. Rather confusing, don't you think? So, concentrate on the visual impact of your name.

Paper 1 Reading.
Paper 2 Writing.
Paper 3 Use of English.
Paper 4 Listening.
Paper 5 Speaking.
Speaking test frames.
Visual material for the Speaking test.
Key (including recording script and sample answers).

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