Objective Advanced, Workbook, O Dell F., Broadhead A., 2014

Objective Advanced, Workbook, O'Dell F., Broadhead A., 2014.

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Judging by their loud purring, Natalie and Rupert are enjoying their evening. While Ginni Little sits propped up in bed watching TV, Natalie, a natterer's bat, and Rupert, a one-winged pipistrelle, are happily snuggled next to each other, occasionally looking up to receive a few loving words from their rescuer, Ginni, who has set up her own 'bat hospital' at home.

Objective Advanced, Workbook, O'Dell F., Broadhead A., 2014

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Unit 1.
Getting to know you.
Unit 2.
Living life to the full.
Unit 3.
In the public eye.
Unit 4.
Acting on advice.
Unit 5.
Dream job.
Unit 6.
Unit 7.
A successful business.
Unit 8.
Being inventive.
Unit 9.
Urban living.
Unit 10.
You live and learn.
Unit 11.
Fashion statements.
Unit 12.
Making decisions.
Unit 13.
Unit 14.
Unit 15.
In my view.
Unit 16.
Who we are.
Unit 17.
Rave reviews.
Unit 18.
Telling the truth.
Unit 19.
Do it for my sake.
Unit 20.
We are what we eat.
Unit 21.
Natural wonders.
Unit 22.
Under the weather.
Unit 23.
I really must insist.
Unit 24.
News and views.
Unit 25.
Recording scripts.
Answer key.

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