Objective PET, Teacher s Book, Hashemi L., Thomas B., 2013

Objective PET, Teacher's Book, Hashemi L., Thomas B., 2013.

   This new edition of Objective PET is the result of extensive updating and revision in consultation with teachers around the world who have been using the book with their classes.
For the second edition, the authors have also taken the opportunity to refer frequently to the Cambridge Learner Corpus (CLC), an electronic collection of Cambridge ESOL candidates’ scripts from all over the world. Currently containing more than 27 million words of data, around 3 million words of recent candidate writing are added to the CLC each year. This unique resource has given the authors a more accurate and fully up-to-date picture of the strengths and weaknesses of PET candidates. When you see the above icon in the Student’s Book, it means that this language area has been identified in the Cambridge Learner Corpus as an area in which learners often need extra practice, and the exercises are based on actual examples taken from the corpus.

Objective PET, Teacher's Book, Hashemi L., Thomas B., 2013

I'm a friendly person.
Recording script.
Dan: My name is Dan Jones and I’m a third-year student at Southgate University. My days are really busy because my hobby is tennis and I play in national matches, so I have to practise a lot.

My day begins at 6 am. I get up and go straight to the gym before breakfast. I always go there by bicycle because the fresh air wakes me up. After an hour or so I come back to the university and then I have a huge breakfast at about eight thirty. Oh, I always have a shower of course before breakfast or nobody would sit next to me! From 9.30 until 1.00,1 go to lectures. My subject is geography.

Then all the students have lunch together in the canteen at l o'clock. I usually study in my room after lunch - that is, except for one afternoon a week, when we play matches, sometimes against another university. They're always on Wednesday afternoons. In the evenings I like spending time with my friends - we sometimes go to the cinema or to a disco. When I leave university next year, I want to travel round the world.

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