Compact Key for Schools, Teacher’s Book, Heyderman E., 2013

Compact Key for Schools, Teacher's Book, Heyderman E., 2013.

Фрагмент из книги:
Listen and complete each question.
I'm here to tell you about my after-school music lessons at Hill Road School. I’m Mrs Sweet. I know some of you can already play the violin because you learn it in music lessons at school, and I’ve seen you playing in the school orchestra. But if you’d like to try something else, you can learn to play the guitar with me. I have a class of ten students and we have lots of fun! School orchestra practises on Mondays, and I think it’s good for you to have a rest on Tuesdays, so you can come and play more music at my lessons on Wednesdays, starting at four o'clock. We meet for the lessons in Room fifty-eight - that’s the big room opposite Art Room seven. If you come, you must buy the book I use so you can practise at home. It’s called Play Well and you can buy it at Music Now. My lessons aren’t expensive because you learn in a group of ten. Each student pays just £22.80 a month, so it’s five pounds seventy a week. OK?

Compact Key for Schools, Teacher's Book, Heyderman E., 2013

Workbook key a scripts.
Recording script.
1 How many apples are there in the bowl? There are a few apples in the bowl.
2 How much milk is there in the fridge? There’s a little milk in the fridge.
3 How many flowers are there in the garden? There are a lot of flowers in the garden.
4 How many pictures are there in the hall? There are a few pictures in the hall.
5 How much meat is there on the plate? There’s a little meat on the plate.
6 How many potatoes are there in the bag? There are a lot of potatoes in the bag.
7 How much jam is there on the bread? There’s a little jam on the bread.

Map of the units.
1 My family, my friends & me.
2 In my free time.
3 Eating in, eating out.
4 What are you doing now?
5 Great places to visit.
6 Getting there.
7 School rules!.
8 We had a great time!.
9 What’s on?
10 Are you an outdoors person?
11 Healthy body, healthy mind.
12 Technology & me.
Revision key.
Progress tests.
Progress tests key.
Practice test key and scripts.
Sample answer sheets.
Speaking guide key.
Grammar reference key.
Workbook key and scripts.
Workbook vocabulary extra key.
Photocopiable resources.

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