Insight, Elementary student s book, Beddall Fiona

Insight, Elementary student's book, Beddall Fiona.

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Hi. My name's Ryan. I'm British and my home is in London.
The people in London are from lots of different countries, so it's a very cosmopolitan city. You're always welcome in London!
In this photo. I'm with Bruno and Leonie. They're my friends. Leonie is from Germany. We're at the same school. Bruno is from Brazil. He's at a different school, but we're in the same band. It's a samba band and it's fantastic. London is a great place for music.

Insight, Elementary student's book, Beddall Fiona

Study the table above. Change the underlined words below to plurals. Then listen, check and repeat.
1 The two woman in the photo are my aunt.
2 The child are very tired.
3 Sam and Liz are her cousin, and Jonas and Mick are her friend.
4 Eleven person are in the team. They are man.
5 Britain and Germany are country in Europe.

Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.
1 Dad is there, but Mum isn't with her / him
2 I like Jade and Ruby, but they don't like him / me
3 I'm in a sports club, and Thomas is in me / it, too.
4 My brother's into athletics and judo, but I'm not into them / us
5 We're in Class 3F, and Lily's in Class 3F with it / us
6 Where are you? And is Saskia with you / them?

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