Insight, Pre intermediate student, Wildman Jayne, Beddall Fiona

Insight, Pre intermediate student, Wildman Jayne, Beddall Fiona.
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What do you love? What do you fear? What’s in your pocket? These are the questions from the film Life in a Day. Director Kevin Macdonald asked people around the world to answer the questions and send in a video clip from a typical day. He was interested in creating a picture of the world, a digital time capsule for the future. On 24 July 2010, people from Africa, Europe, America, Antarctica and Asia recorded events on their mobile phones and digital cameras and uploaded the results onto YouTube. Altogether there were 81,000 video clips, or 4,500 hours of footage. It took Macdonald and a team of researchers seven weeks to make them into a film.

Insight, Pre intermediate student, Wildman Jayne, Beddall Fiona

SPEAKING Work in pairs. Prepare a dialogue. Use the dialogue in exercise 10 to help you.
You are at a friend's party when you meet a new person.
Find out how they know your friend, Explain how you know them.
Ask about their family.
Ask about their free-time activities.
Find something you both enjoy.

A compound noun is a word or phrase that has two or more parts that combine to make a single meaning, for example, carpark. Find compound nouns in the article to match definitions 1-6.
1 a portable machine with a keyboard
2 a thing you use to open the door of a car
3 a piece of paper that lets you travel from one place to another
4 a note of the things you want to buy
5 a document that shows who you are
6 a portable machine that lets you call people.

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