Insight, Intermediate workbook, Hancock P.

Insight, Intermediate workbook, Hancock P.

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It’s often said that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' and our ideas of attractiveness certainly depend on personal preferences. Nevertheless, there are faces which most people agree are very beautiful or handsome. Is this something that we just feel about a certain face, or does it mean that there are 'rules' for what makes someone look beautiful?
It was long thought that symmetry was the key to explaining beauty. If the two halves of a face are symmetrical, we find it pleasing. There is also a deeper reason why symmetry is desirable to someone looking for a partner of the opposite sex, especially when a girl is looking for a boy. A symmetrical face and body suggests that someone’s genes must be in very good condition, and that their children will be strong and healthy.

Insight, Intermediate workbook, Hancock P.

Global thoughts.
Only room for one?
I've been discussing the issues behind our continuing economic problems and the increase in extreme weather events in some of my recent blogs. Thanks lor all your comments.

Today I'm going to write about an issue which isn’t often addressed, and has become a bit of a taboo in the western world population control. We passed the 7 billion mark for global population not long ago, which raised some awareness of the issue. Some people were saying that we needn’t worry because the rate of population growth has actually been going down since 1970.

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