Английский язык, 8 класс, часть 2, Тер-Минасова С.Г., Узунова Л.М., 2018

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Английский язык, 8 класс, Часть 2, Тер-Минасова С.Г., Узунова Л.М., 2018.
  Answer the questions using the words from Exercise 2.
1. What can be polluted?
2. How can we protect nature/environment?
3. What can become rubbish?
4. What do people usually waste?
5. How can pollution change our environment?
6. Why is flooding/acid rain/deforestation dangerous to environment?

Английский язык, 8 класс, Часть 2, Тер-Минасова С.Г., Узунова Л.М., 2018

What’s the difference between up-cycled and recycled? And does reclaimed really mean anything? Whenever you see any of these labels, it means that our natural resources are saved. However, it is not easy to be eco-friendly.

Recycled products, for example, are made from different materials thrown into a recycling box. They are old magazines and newspapers, plastic milk containers, glass bottles, old clothes. Thanks to modern technologies these things are changed into a new product. Recycling often results in lower quality goods, as when printer paper is turned into newsprint.

Reclaimed products are made from old materials. These can be bricks from an old building for constructing a new home; or handbags designed from old boat sails; anything that results in a second life.

Manufacturers use this term "up-cycled” when high-quality products are made from lower-quality goods. It helps keeping materials in use. It happens when you throw away your old, worn T-shirt or an old TV set in a shop and the company will up-cycle them into new ones.

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