Тексты по медицине, Щедрина Т.П., 2011

Тексты по медицине, Щедрина Т.П., 2011.

  Цель пособия - формирование навыков чтения, перевода на русский язык, реферирования оригинальных англоязычных медицинских текстов и развитие навыков обсуждения их содержания на английском языке.
Пособие включает научно-популярные тексты из британской и американской периодической печати и задания к ним.
Книга является частью учебного комплекса, включающего также: «Учебник английского языка для студентов медицинских вузов» (колл, авторов под ред. Т.П. Щедриной), «Английский язык в медицине» (автор - Т.П. Щедрина), «Обсуждаем проблемы медицины» (автор -Т.П. Щедрина).
Для студентов и аспирантов медицинских вузов, а также специалистов в области медицины, изучающих английский язык.

Тексты по медицине, Щедрина Т.П., 2011

First, Americans were told to trim the fats and cholesterol from their diets. Then they were warned about the hazards of sugar. The latest villain is the most common condiment of all — salt.
The experts agree that some of the nation’s 40 million to 60 million hypertensives should reduce their salt intake. But they seriously doubt that this would do any good for the population at large.
Salt - sodium chloride — is one of the most essential ingredients of the normal diet. Sodium helps maintain proper blood volume and controls the flow of water in and out of body cells. It is also vital for the transmission of nerve impulses and the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates. Chloride is needed to maintain the body acid balance and for the action of certain enzymes. On the average, Americans consume 10 grams of salt a day! About three grams come from the natural salt content of certain foods, four grams are added by food processors and additional three grams are used during cooking or at the table. For patients with significantly high blood pressure to get any benefit, they must reduce their daily salt consumption to one gram. That means eliminating virtually all canned goods and bread from the diet and boiling everything else until the salt has been leached out. Not many people are willing to do that.
Even cutting salt consumption in half could be dangerous. Not only could it deplete the body of necessary salt, but the drastic measures required to cut down on salt could also reduce the intake of other important minerals such as calcium.
High blood pressure is a complex disorder involving many elements including heredity.
Of those with high blood pressure as few as 30 per cent need to cut down on salt. These are patients whose disease involves low levels of renin, a hormone that plays a role in blood pressure. But for other hypertensives and for the rest of us, salt reduction is an unnecessary inconvenience and hardship with possible risk.

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