Научный английский язык, Наука, Выпуск 14, Андреева Т.Я., 2006

Научный английский язык, Наука, Выпуск 14, Андреева Т.Я., 2006.

   Данное практическое пособие, являясь продолжением серии "Настольная библиотека аспиранта", содержит тексты, объединенные, прямо или косвенно, понятием «наука».
Первая часть пособия (тексты 1-19) включает небольшие по размеру тексты, содержащие наиболее уязвимые для перевода грамматические явления, и служит их повторением.
Вторая часть пособия (тексты 20-51) предназначена для быстрого чтения текстов без словаря с извлечением общей информации.

Научный английский язык, Наука, Выпуск 14, Андреева Т.Я., 2006

Arriving from Outer Space.
Suppose that we were space travellers, visiting the Earth from some distant planet. It would be difficult to detect much trace of the atmosphere until we were in the region of the lower part of the orbit of the first Sputnik, say between 200 and 300 miles up. At that distance from the earth the pressure of the atmosphere, which measures the weight of the air above us, is less than one millionth of that on the ground. This means we would be moving in what is called a "vacuum" on earth, for at this level, pressure is lower than that which can be reached by the finest laboratory pumps.

Having passed through the stratosphere, we would enter the troposphere, or region of weather. Meteorologists are interested in the whole atmosphere, but especially in the troposphere, because it is only in this relatively thin layer that we find weather, that is, clouds, fogs, rain, hail and snow. In general the higher one goes in the atmosphere, the colder the air becomes. This seems odd at first, because by climbing up we are getting nearer the sun, from which we get all our heat. The explanation is that the rays of the sun are not very effective in heating air directly. Most of the energy in a sun beam passes through clear air with very little absorption. What happens is that the sun's rays heat the surface of the earth, both the ground and the sea, and it is from the warm surface of the earth that the atmosphere receives most of the energy which appears as wind, and causes weather generally.

От составителя
Part 1
Text 1. Material Research
Text 2. On the Identifiability of Parameters
Text 3. Arriving from Outer Space
Text 4. Technology - a Resource
Text 5. The Plan for Implementation
Text 6. Voyages to the Moon
Text 7. Science Men in America
Text 8. Research
Text 9. Automation
Text 10. Scientific Progress
Text 11. Computer
Text 12. The Benefit
Text 13. Frosts
Text 14. The Design of a Computer
Text 15. Design of Decision
Text 16. Benjamin Franklin
Text 17. Lobachevsky
Text 18. Biosphere
Text 19. Automation in the Research Process
Part 2
Text 20. What Science Is
Text 21. Sonnet - to Science
Text 22. The Scientists' Responsibility
Text 23. Progress of Science
Text 24. Science and Human Goals
Text 25. Art and Science
Text 26. Engineering: Art or Science
Text 27. The Impact of Research and Development on Science and Engineering
Text 28. Science and Technological Progress in Modem Society
Text 29. Scientific Communication
Text 30. Scientific Mind
Text 31. The Development of Scientific Research
Text 32. Science in Britain
Text 33. Science and Society in the USA
Text 34. Should Research be Done at Universities?
Text 35. Tomorrow is Now
Text 36. Mathematics
Text 37. Mathematics - the Study of Patterns
Text 38. Introduction to the Future
Text 39. The Computer Revolution
Text 40. Early Robots
Text 41. Telecommunications and TV Centre
Text 42. Transmitting Pictures by Telephone
Text 43. What is Color?
Text 44. The Universe Origin
Text 45. Sunshine as Power for Space Ships
Text 46. Is the Earth Getting Hotter?
Text 47. International Auxiliary Tongue
Text 48. Received Pronunciation
Text 49. Publication Programs
Text 50. Engineering Marvels of the Greeks and Romans
Text 51. Sleep

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