Mastering Delphi 7 - Marco Cantu

Название: Mastering Delphi 7.

Автор: Marco Cantu.


Whether you're new to Delphi or just making the move from an earlier version, Mastering Delphi 7 is the one resource you can't do without. Practical, tutorial-based coverage helps you master essential techniques in database, client-server, and Internet programming. And the insights of renowned authority Marco Cantu give you the necessary knowledge to take advantage of what's new to Delphi 7 - particularly its support for .NET.

Table of Contents  
Mastering Delphi 7  
Part I - Foundations
Chapter 1 - Delphi 7 and Its IDE
Chapter 2 - The Delphi Programming Language
Chapter 3 - The Run-Time Library
Chapter 4 - Core Library Classes
Chapter 5 - Visual Controls
Chapter 6 - Building the User Interface
Chapter 7 - Working with Forms
Part II - Delphi Object-Oriented Architectures
Chapter 8 - The Architecture of Delphi Applications
Chapter 9 - Writing Delphi Components
Chapter 10 - Libraries and Packages
Chapter 11 - Modeling and OOP Programming (with ModelMaker)
Chapter 12 - From COM to COM+
Part III - Delphi Database-Oriented Architectures
Chapter 13 - Delphi's Database Architecture
Chapter 14 - Client/Server with dbExpress
Chapter 15 - Working with ADO
Chapter 16 - Multitier DataSnap Applications
Chapter 17 - Writing Database Components
Chapter 18 - Reporting with Rave
Part IV - Delphi, the Internet, and a .NET Preview
Chapter 19 - Internet Programming: Sockets and Indy
Chapter 20 - Web Programming with WebBroker and WebSnap
Chapter 21 - Web Programming with IntraWeb
Chapter 22 - Using XML Technologies
Chapter 23 - Web Services and SOAP
Chapter 24 - The Microsoft .NET Architecture from the Delphi Perspective
Chapter 25 - Delphi for .NET Preview: The Language and the RTL
Appendix A - Extra Delphi Tools by the Author
Appendix B - Extra Delphi Tools from Other Sources
Appendix C - Free Companion Books on Delphi
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