Servlets and JavaServer Pages - Technology Web Tier - Jayson Falkner, Kevin Jones

Название: Servlets and JavaServer Pages - Technology Web Tier.

Автор: Jayson Falkner, Kevin Jones.


Servlets and JavaServer Pages is the first complete guide to building dynamic Java-based Web applications using the new JavaServer Pages 2.0 and Servlets 2.4. Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP) provide a robust solution to developing large, complex Web applications, including multiserver projects. In addition to built-in security, portability, and a Web server, they offer developers the freedom to work with any operating system that supports Javabe it Linux, Windows, OSX, or Solaris.

This authoritative book begins by explaining how to set up a Servlet and JSP development environment, including a discussion of containers, Java support, and installing and configuring Tomcat. The authors then thoroughly explore servlets and JSP, including significant coverage of custom tag libraries, newly available filters, and popular servlet and JSP design patterns. Readers can then test-drive the knowledge gained by constructing a book-support Web site.

Servlets and JavaServer Pages - Technology Web Tier - Jayson Falkner, Kevin Jones

About the Authors
How the Book Is Organized
The Book's Cover
Special Thanks
Chapter 1.  Setting Up a Servlet and JSP Environment
A Quick History of Web Development
Getting Java Support
Web Applications
Chapter 2.  Java Servlets
What Servlets Are and Why You Would Want to Use Them
Servlet Life Cycle
Servlets for the World Wide Web
Coding an HttpServlet
Servlet Configuration
Servlet Event Listeners
Chapter 3.  JavaServer Pages
JSP 2.0 Specification
JSP Life Cycle
The Difference Between Servlets and JSP
JSP Syntax and Semantics
Implicit Objects
JSP in XML Syntax
Chapter 4.  Exception Handling
Errors and Exceptions
JSP and Servlet Exceptions
Web Application Exception Handling
Logging and Performance
Chapter 5.  JavaBeans and the JSP Expression Language
Get and Set Methods
Servlets, JSP, and JavaBeans
Good Use of JavaBeans
JSP. 2.0 Expression Language
Chapter 6.  JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library
JSTL 1.0 Specification
Why You Should Use the JSTL
Installing the JSTL
JSTL Expression Language
Core Tags
i18n-Capable Text Formatting
XML Manipulation
SQL Tags
Justification for Skipping the SQL Tags
Chapter 7.  Custom Tag Libraries
Why Custom Tags?
Tag Library Basics
How Are Tags Being Used?
New and Old Custom Tags
Tag Library Descriptors (TLDs)
Simple JSP 2.0 Custom Tags
Classic JSP Tag Handlers
Chapter 8.  Filters
Introducing Filters
Filters That Provide JSP-Replacing Functionality
Chapter 9.  Managing State in a Web Application
HTTP and Session State
Persistent State
State and Thread Safety
Chapter 10.  Security
What Do We Mean by Security?
Declarative Security
Programmatic Security in a Servlet/JSP
Secure Encrypted Communication
How Secure Is Security?
Encryption and Compression and Caching
Chapter 11.  Design Patterns
Why Use a Design Pattern?
Common Design Patterns
Jakarta Struts
Abstracting DHTML via Custom Tags
Chapter 12.  Internationalization
Content Encoding
i18n Implementation Techniques
Number and Date Formatting
Chapter 13.  Multi-Client Support
Who Should Read This Chapter
Separating Format from Content
Implementing Multi-Client Support
Solving Multi-Client Problems
Chapter 14.  Database Connectivity
What Is a Database?
Using JDBC Optimally
JDBC Web Application Design Patterns
Chapter 15.  Building a Complete Web Application
Designing a Web Application
Distributing the Workload: Dividing Up Who Does What
Implementing Database Support: Creating a Database and Using JDBC
Implementing Business Logic: Filters and the Model 2 Design Pattern
Implementing Presentation Logic: JSP, Multi-Client Design, and Internationalization
(in Japanese)
Finishing the Site

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