The Beatles - Paul Shipton

Название: The Beatles.

Автор: Paul Shipton.


The year was 1963 and Beatlemania was only just beginning. Soon the Beatles had fans all around the world. For the rest of the 1960s their music led the way and they changed modern music forever. This book tells the story of the greatest band in the world from the early days in Liverpool to the Beatles' music in the world today.

The Beatles - Paul Shipton

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Introduction iv
Tlie End of a Dream
Early Days
From Liverpool to Hamburg
In The Cavern
On Their Way!
'America was ours!'
Dp and Up
'Here to stay'
The King and the Queen
Rubber Soul
'Beatles go home!'
The Sound of the Future
Burning Records
The End of Touring
The Most Famous Album in the World
Life and Death
On the Bus
A New Album and a New Love
An Unhappy Film and Two Weddings
The Last Album
Differences of Opinion
Life After the Beatles
At the Top Again

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