Speaking Extra - Mick Gammidge

Название: Speaking Extra.

Автор: Mick Gammidge.


This lively resource book encourages students to expand their speaking skills using role play, problem solving, puzzles, games, interviews, storytelling and discussion. Many of the speaking activities are supported by the accompanying audio CD and the recording script section at the back of the resource book

Speaking Extra - Mick Gammidge

Speaking Extra is a resource book containing photocopiable materials for supplementary classroom work. The accompanying CD contains authentic listening practice to support the speaking activities and the recording scripts are included at the back of the book. The activities provide self-contained lessons for the busy teacher. Each activity consists of a page of clear, step-by-step instructions for the teacher and a photocopiable page for the students. The material is aimed at young adult (16+) and adult learners. However, most activities can be easily adapted for the needs of younger students. Speaking Extra offers teachers an exciting collection of topic-based skills activities from elementary to upper-intermediate level.

1. Personal Information:
1.1 What about you?; 1.2 Life experience; 1.3 Spy Catcher;
2.The family:
2.1 She's got her dad's eyes; 2.2 Family tensions; 2.3 Family values;
3 Daily activities:
3.1 Whose Saturday?;3.2 Are you in touch with your body clock?; 3.3 Beyond the routine;
4 Homes:
4.1 House doctor; 4.2 A perfect home; 4.3 A messy home means a messy mind;
5 Town and country:
5.1 A nice neighbourhood;5.2 Then and now;5.3 A business proposition;
6 Travel and tourism:
6.1 Hotels;6.2 Traveller's tales; 6.3 Life's an adventure!;
7 Food and drink:
7.1 Recipes;
7.2 Menu, please;
7.3 Food for thought;
8 Describing people:
8.1 Lost!;
8.2 Who's who?; 8.3Star quality;
9 Describing things:
9.1 Can you describe it?; 9.2 Lost property; 9.3 In your mind's eye;
10 Friends and relationships:
10.1 What kind of friend are you?; 10.2 Moral dilemmas; 10.3 What are friends for?;
11 Health and fitness:
11.1 Well-being; 11.2 Healthy, wealthy and wise; 11.3 First Aid;
12 Leisure time:
12.1 What's on?; 12.2 Focus on leisure; 12.3 Leisure centre;
13 Education:
13.1Learning to learn;13.2 The best years of your life; 13.3 A preparation for life;
14 The world of work:
14.1 Why work?;14.2 The right person for the job; 14.3 Great perks!;
15 Money:
15.1 Sale or exchange; 15.2 Common currency; 15.3It's all about image;
16 Past experiences and stories:
16.1 Really?; 16.2 Interruptions;16.3 Small ads;
17 Science and technology:
17.1 Gizmos and gadgets; 17.2 It'll never happen;17.3 It will change our lives;
18 Social and environmental issues:
18.1 How green are you?; 18.2 Pressure group; 18.3 Keeping an open mind

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