MySQL and PHP from Scratch

MySQL and PHP from Scratch. Wade Maxfield.


    Apache, MySQL, PHP3, and IMP the pieces exist. Each piece has been described ad nauseam. What does not exist is a guide to the marriage of these software technologies into a useful book, until now. This book puts together information on installing, setting up, and troubleshooting each of these technologies into one complete volume. You also learn how each piece is part of a whole by learning, step-by-step, how to create a web-based e-mail system. Learn to run the Linux equivalent of Active Server Pages (ASP) using PHP3, set up an e-commerce site using a database and the Apache web server, and create a data entry system (such as sales, product quality tracking, customer preferences, etc) that requires no installation in the PC.

MySQL and PHP from Scratch

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The Purpose of This Book
Who Can Use This Book
What You Will Learn
What You Will Accomplish
Conventions Used in This Book

1. Prerequisite Operational System and Software
Red Hat Linux 6.0 or Greater Recommended
Network Functionality
System Security
Apache Web Server
GNU C/C++ Compiler
Optional Local Network Usage

2. Obtaining the Software
How to Obtain Red Hat 6.2
How to Obtain MySQL, PHP3, and IMP

3. MySQL
A Brief History
What Is MySQL?
Configuration for Use with IMP
Database System Concepts
The IMP Database Structure
SQL Overview
MySQL's License

4. Apache Web Server
Apache License
PHP Configuration Overview
IMP Configuration Overview
CGI and PHP Server Pages Overview
Security Issues
The Next Step

5. PHP
The GNU Public License
What Is PHP?
The Software Packages to Obtain
Troubleshooting the Installation
PHP in a Nutshell

6. IMP
GPL and GNU Library General Public License
What Is IMP?
IMP Installation
Testing IMP
Using IMP
How IMP Works
Troubleshooting the Install
Everyday Use of IMP

A. PHP Language Reference in this Appendix
Basic Syntax
Variables and Types
Constants and Expressions
Program Flow Control Statements
User-Defined Functions
Built-In Functions

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