Web Database Application with PHP and MySQL - 2nd Edition - David Lane, Hugh E. Williams

Web Database Application with PHP and MySQL - 2nd Edition - David Lane, Hugh E. Williams - 2004.

   This new edition has been redesigned around the rich offerings of PEAR. Several of these, including the Template package and the database-independent query API, are fully integrated into examples and thoroughly described in the text. In addition, through a complex sample application--Hugh and Dave's Wine Store--all the important techniques of dynamic content are introduced. Good design is emphasized, such as dividing logic from presentation. The book introduces PHP 5 and MySQL 4.1 features, while providing techniques that can be used on older versions of the software that are still in widespread use.

Web Database Application

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What This Book Is About
What You Need to Know
How This Book Is Organized
How to Use This Book
Conventions Used in This Book
Using Code Examples
How to Contact Us
Web Site and Code Examples

Chapter 1.  Database Applications and the Web
Section 1.1.  The Web
Section 1.2.  Three-Tier Architectures

Chapter 2.  The PHP Scripting Language
Section 2.1.  Introducing PHP
Section 2.2.  Conditions and Branches
Section 2.3.  Loops
Section 2.4.  Functions
Section 2.5.  Working with Types
Section 2.6.  User-Defined Functions
Section 2.7.  A Working Example

Chapter 3.  Arrays, Strings, and Advanced Data Manipulation in PHP
Section 3.1.  Arrays
Section 3.2.  Strings
Section 3.3.  Regular Expressions
Section 3.4.  Dates and Times
Section 3.5.  Integers and Floats

Chapter 4.  Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with PHP 5
Section 4.1.  Classes and Objects
Section 4.2.  Inheritance
Section 4.3.  Throwing and Catching Exceptions

Chapter 5.  SQL and MySQL
Section 5.1.  Database Basics
Section 5.2.  MySQL Command Interpreter
Section 5.3.  Managing Databases and Tables
Section 5.4.  Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Data
Section 5.5.  Querying with SQL SELECT
Section 5.6.  Join Queries
Section 5.7.  Case Study: Adding a New Wine

Chapter 6.  Querying Web Databases
Section 6.1.  Querying a MySQL Database Using PHP
Section 6.2.  Processing User Input
Section 6.3.  MySQL Function Reference

Chapter 7.  PEAR
Section 7.1.  Overview
Section 7.2.  Core Components
Section 7.3.  Packages

Chapter 8.  Writing to Web Databases
Section 8.1.  Database Inserts, Updates, and Deletes
Section 8.2.  Issues in Writing Data to Databases

Chapter 9.  Validation with PHP and JavaScript
Section 9.1.  Validation and Error Reporting Principles
Section 9.2.  Server-Side Validation with PHP
Section 9.3.  JavaScript and Client-Side Validation

Chapter 10.  Sessions
Section 10.1.  Introducing Session Management
Section 10.2.  PHP Session Management
Section 10.3.  Case Study: Using Sessions in Validation
Section 10.4.  When to Use Sessions
Section 10.5.  PHP Session API and Configuration

Chapter 11.  Authentication and Security
Section 11.1.  HTTP Authentication
Section 11.2.  HTTP Authentication with PHP
Section 11.3.  Form-Based Authentication
Section 11.4.  Protecting Data on the Web

Chapter 12.  Errors, Debugging, and Deployment
Section 12.1.  Errors
Section 12.2.  Common Programming Errors
Section 12.3.  Custom Error Handlers

Chapter 13.  Reporting
Section 13.1.  Creating a Report
Section 13.2.  Producing PDF
Section 13.3.  PDF-PHP Reference

Chapter 14.  Advanced Features of Object-Oriented Programming in PHP 5
Section 14.1.  Working with Class Hierarchies
Section 14.2.  Class Type Hints
Section 14.3.  Abstract Classes and Interfaces
Section 14.4.  Freight Calculator Example

Chapter 15.  Advanced SQL
Section 15.1.  Exploring with SHOW
Section 15.2.  Advanced Querying
Section 15.3.  Manipulating Data and Databases
Section 15.4.  Functions
Section 15.5.  Automating Querying
Section 15.6.  Table Types
Section 15.7.  Backup and Recovery
Section 15.8.  Managing Users and Privileges
Section 15.9.  Tuning MySQL

Chapter 16.  Hugh and Dave's Online Wines:A Case Study
Section 16.1.  Functional and System Requirements
Section 16.2.  Application Overview
Section 16.3.  Common Components

Chapter 17.  Managing Customers
Section 17.1.  Code Overview
Section 17.2.  Customer Validation
Section 17.3.  The Customer Form

Chapter 18.  The Shopping Cart
Section 18.1.  Code Overview
Section 18.2.  The Winestore Home Page
Section 18.3.  The Shopping Cart Implementation

Chapter 19.  Ordering and Shipping at the Online Winestore
Section 19.1.  Code Overview
Section 19.2.  Credit Card and Shipping Instructions
Section 19.3.  Finalizing Orders
Section 19.4.  HTML and Email Receipts

Chapter 20.  Searching and Authentication in the Online Winestore
Section 20.1.  Code Overview
Section 20.2.  Searching and Browsing
Section 20.3.  Authentication

Appendix A.  Linux Installation Guide
Section A.1.  Finding Out What's Installed
Section A.2.  Installation Overview
Section A.3.  Installing MySQL
Section A.4.  Installing Apache
Section A.5.  Installing PHP
Section A.6.  What's Needed for This Book

Appendix B.  Microsoft Windows Installation Guide
Section B.1.  Installation Overview
Section B.2.  Installing with EasyPHP
Section B.3.  What's Needed for This Book

Appendix C.  Mac OS X Installation Guide
Section C.1.  Getting Started
Section C.2.  Installing MySQL
Section C.3.  Setting Up Apache and PHP
Section C.4.  What's Needed for This Book

Appendix D.  Web Protocols
Section D.1.  Network Basics
Section D.2.  Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Appendix E.  Modeling and Designing Relational Databases
Section E.1.  The Relational Model
Section E.2.  Entity-Relationship Modeling

Appendix F.  Managing Sessions in theDatabase Tier
Section F.1.  Using a Database to Keep State
Section F.2.  PHP Session Management
Section F.3.  MySQL Session Store

Appendix G.  Resources
Section G.1.  Client Tier Resources
Section G.2.  Middle-Tier Resources
Section G.3.  Database Tier Resources
Section G.4.  Security and Cryptography Resources

Appendix H.  The Improved MySQL Library
Section H.1.  New Features
Section H.2.  Getting Started
Section H.3.  Using the New Features

Скачать книгу  Web Database Application with PHP and MySQL - 2nd Edition - David Lane, Hugh E. Williams - depositfiles

Скачать Web Database Application with PHP and MySQL - Lane, Williams - depositfiles

Скачать книгу  Web Database Application with PHP and MySQL - 2nd Edition - David Lane, Hugh E. Williams - rapidshare
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