Spotlight 13.2023

Spotlight 13.2023.
NO SHIT, SHERLOCK! 30 strange English phrases you really need to know.

Spotlight 13.2023

Insider English.
Yes, I know, the word “insider” is much overused. In these days of fast online searches and instant messaging, most language questions can be answered with a couple of clicks. But I ask you, where is the fun in that? It’s so much better to know in- teresting but perhaps confusing expressions in English before they turn up in conversation and leave you stumped. For that reason – and because we so enjoy col- lecting these entertaining expressions – we’ve put together a list of those we think will be most useful. “Insider English” begins on page 50. By the way, if you have similar phrases you’d like to share with us, we’d be happy to hear from you.

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