Practical A/B Testing, Creating Experimentation-Driven Products, Nassery Leemay, 2023

Practical A/B Testing, Creating Experimentation-Driven Products, Nassery Leemay, 2023.

   This book will introduce you to the core concepts—the anatomy of an A/B test, audience segmentation logic, and the infrastructure to serve and monitor performance. You’ll learn how to define a hypothesis, create eligibility criteria, and select metrics to demonstrate the impact of the test.
Understanding the practical examples detailed in this book will help you integrate this experimentation methodology into your product. You’ll be able to go into conversations with your engineering and product teams with the right vocabulary and tactics to get started.

Practical A/B Testing, Creating Experimentation-Driven Products, Nassery Leemay, 2023

Assessing Multiple Designs at Once.
Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation with far too many cooks in the kitchen. These cooks usually have lots of opinions. A feeling or experience typically backs these opinions. However, it’s not enough to have a feeling. It’s not enough to assume an idea is the best way to evolve a product, especially when there are multiple versions or designs in mind. Instead of picking one based on a feeling, use A/B testing to assess multiple versions or ideas.

When configuring a test to have multiple variants, also referred to as versions, that are all up for evaluation, be mindful of how many changes you’re incorporating within one variant.

1. Why You Should A/B Test.
What Is A/B Testing?.
Who Should Run A/B Tests.
Beginning Your Analyst Role.
Evaluating Your Ideas.
Assessing Multiple Designs at Once.
Gaining User Insights.
Conducting Additional Analysis for Deeper User Insights.
Building More Inclusive Products.
Taking Risks, Being Bold.
Dispelling the Failed Experiment Myth.
Empowering Your Team.
Wrapping Up.
2. Learn the Fundamentals of an A/B Test.
Creating a Clear Hypothesis.
Measuring the Impact of an Experiment.
Establishing Baselines.
Leveraging Proxy Metrics.
Defining Test and Control Variants.
Increasing Confidence in Your Test Results.
Summarizing the For You A/B Test.
Wrapping Up.
3. Select the Right Type of Experiment.
Illustrating Experimentation in the Medical Industry.
Defining the Superiority A/B Test.
Introducing the Non-inferiority A/B Tes.
Opting for an Equivalence A/B Test.
Validating Longer-Term Impact with Holdbacks.
Defining Degradation Holdbacks.
Utilizing Long-Term Cumulative Holdbacks.
Understanding the Cost of Long-Term Holdbacks.
Tying It All Together.
Wrapping Up.
4. Interface with Data and Visualizing Results.
Working with Different Types of Data.
Wrangling Your Data.
Making Data Easily Accessible.
Creating Insights About Your Data.
Visualizing A/B Test Results.
Wrapping Up.
5. To Build or to Buy an A/B Testing Platform.
Navigating the Classic Engineering Struggle.
Illustrating the Components of an A/B Testing Platform.
Building Versus Buying.
Extending the Scope of an A/B Testing Platform.
Wrapping Up.
6. Cultivate a Test-Friendly Culture.
Breaking Down the Resistance.
Shifting Your Team’s Perspective.
Rolling Out A/B Testing Within Your Organization.
Growing Demand for A/B Testing.
Wrapping Up.

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