Chinese Pronunciation of English, Bachelor s Diploma Thesis, Sopikova A., 2020

Chinese Pronunciation of English, Bachelor's Diploma Thesis, Sopikova A., 2020.

   The aim of this Bachelor's thesis is to prove that Chinese speakers' pronunciation of English is immensely influenced by the way Chinese speakers are used to syllabicate every word and pronounce it with a different tone. Chinese phonetics differs from English in such a vast range that the learners have to surpass many barriers that European English learners would never imagine. Chinese speakers need to adapt their speech organs in order to pronounce English correctly, which tends to be demanding and sometimes even impossible.

Chinese Pronunciation of English, Bachelor's Diploma Thesis, Sopikova A., 2020

General British.
Great Britain is the motherland of the English language and there are many different accents which have developed throughout the years. Nevertheless, RP (Received Pronunciation), "Oxford English, B B C English [or] the Queen's English" (Collins & Mees, 2008, p. 3), are the terms regarded as the "socially prestigious accent" (Mair, 2015, p. 141), which is of a great significance, taking into consideration that Britain has been preserving the concept of social classes [for decades] (Trudgill & Hannah, 1982, p. 9).

Trudgill and Hannah (1982) mention that RP is the most frequently used variety of English in the English students' books including the British students being taught their mother tongue. It cannot be defined regionally as it can be heard and understood anywhere in Britain which especially applies to the public media (p. 9). Mair (2015) supports this fact by claiming that R P is a required norm for formal and public performing (p. 141). However, there are only about 3-5% native speakers of this type of accent, so that a foreigner speaking RP-English coming to England may find it difficult to understand the other 95-97% of the British population (Trudgill & Hannah, 1982, p. 9).

List of Figures and Tables.
1. English in China.
2. General Pronunciation Rules.
3. English as a Lingua Franca with Diverse Varieties.
3.1. Accents of English.
3.2. General British.
3.3. General American.
3.4. Segmental Features of English.
3.5. Suprasegmental Features of English.
4. Chinese Language.
4.1. Chinese Pronunciation.
4.2. Varieties of Chinese language.
5. Practical Section.
5.1. Research Goals.
5.2. Research Methods.
5.3. Results of the Research.
5.3.1. Recordings Analyses.
5.3.2. Questionnaire - Personal Information.
5.3.3. Questionnaire - Level at English.
5.3.4. Final Evaluation.
6. Implications and Limitations of the Study.
7. Conclusion.
8. Bibliography.
8.1. Primary Sources:.
8.2. Reference List:.
9. Summaries.
9.1. English.
9.2. Czech.
10. Appendices.
10.1. Appendix 1 Questionnaire.
10.2. Appendix 2 Sample Filled-In Questionnaire.
10.3. Appendix 3 Google Drive Link with Audio Recordings Used in Research.

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