New Round-Up 5, English Grammar Practice, Students Book, Evans V., Dooley J., 2011

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New Round-Up 5, English Grammar Practice, Students Book, Evans V., Dooley J., 2011.

   New Round-Up 5 English Grammar Practice combines fun with serious, systematic grammar practice. It is ideal for learners in the intermediate stages of English language learning.
Students see grammar points clearly presented in colourful boxes and tables. They practise grammar through lively, full-colour illustrations and oral and writing activities.
New Round-Up is especially designed for different students studying English in different ways.

New Round-Up 5, English Grammar Practice, Students Book, EvanNew Round-Up 5, English Grammar Practice, Students Book, Evans V., Dooley J., 2011

Future Forms.
What might you say in the following situations? Complete the sentences using an appropriate future tense as in the example:
1 While you’re watching the news, the weather forecaster predicts rain. “It.."
2 Your friend says she feels cold. “I ...”
3 Your teacher asks you when you will finish her essay. “I ...”
4 You’re catching the 3:30 bus to York. "My bus ....”
5 You’ve arranged to have dinner with your cousin Sandra tomorrow evening. “Sandra and I ..."
6 Y&ur friend asks you about your holiday plans. “This time next month, I ...”
7 You're going to the stadium but you’re running late and you're afraid you will miss the start of the concert. “By the time I get there...”
8 Your friend asks you how long you’ve been studying in London. “By next September.

1 Present Forms (Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous).
2 Past Forms (Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, Past Perfect Continuous -Used to - Would - Was going to).
3 Future Forms (Future Simple, Be going to, Future Continuous, Future Perfect).
Progress Check 1.
4 Infinitive / -ing form / Participles.
5 Modal Verbs (Can/Could/Be able to -May/Might - Shall - Will/Would -Should/Ought to - Must/Have to - Need - Needn't - Didn’t need to - Needn't have done - Mustn’t - Can't).
6 The Passive.
Progress Check 2.
7 Conditionals - Wishes.
8 Clauses (Time Clauses, Clauses of Purpose, Clauses of Concession, Clauses of Result, Clauses of Reason, Exclamations, Relative Clauses - Linking Words).
9 Reported Speech.
Progress Check 3.
10 Nouns - Articles (Compound Nouns -Singular or Plural verb - Countable/ Uncountable Nouns - A/An - The).
11 Causative Form (Have something done).
12 Adjectives - Adverbs - Comparisons / Too - Enough.
Progress Check 4.
13 Demonstratives - Pronouns - Possessives -Quantifiers.
14 Prepositions (Place/Movement/Time).
15 Questions and Answers (Yes/No Questions - Wh- questions - Subject/ Object Questions - Indirect Questions -
Question Tags).
Progress Test 5.
Revision 1 (Units 1-3).
Revision 2 (Units 1-6).
Revision 3 (Units 1-9).
Revision 4 (Units 1-12).
Revision 5 (Units 1-15).
Irregular Verbs.
Appendix 1.
Appendix 2.

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