Gateway, A2, Students Book Pack

Gateway, Edition 2nd, A2, Students Book Pack.

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The White House is big! There are 132 rooms and 35 bathrooms, plus 412 doors and 147 windows.
There’s a large kitchen in the White House. The chefs can make dinner for 140 people. 140 is the maximum number of people who can sit in the main dining room.

Gateway, Edition 2nd, A2, Students Book Pack

Around the house.
Name the parts of the house.
Use the words in 1a.
1 You cook there.
2 You have a shower there.
3 It's outside. Children play there. It usually has flowers.
4 When you go into a house, you are there.
5 You put the car there.
6 You watch TV there.
7 You sleep there.
8 You eat there.

Work with a partner. Do you know the answers to these questions about the White House? If not, guess.
1 Where is the White House?
2 Who lives in the White House?
3 How many rooms are there in the White House?
4 What is the Oval Office?

Starter unit.
It's my life.
Around the house.
Fitness fanatics.
Tourist information.
Great works.
Eat well, live well.
Wildlife watch.
The world around me.
Top shops.
Brilliant brains.

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